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The Evolution of Food Trucks

For decades, mobile food in New York meant food carts.

A Food Movement on Wheels

Ms. Shouse, the senior food and drink correspondent for Time Out Chicago, does a good job of explaining the factors that made the food-truck movement possible.

Vancouver: Hit Street Food Series Stops for a Bite at B.C. Vendor

The hit Food Network series Eat St. comes to Canada tonight and features Vancouver's newest food truck Feastro the Rolling Bistro.

Boulder Should Find Compromises & Allow Food Trucks

Sure the trucks bring new menu choices and new energy to the streets. But like all good things, too much can be too much.

Austin Trailer Treasures: 5 Food Truck Dishes To Try

Austin's trailers shuttered their windows when the temperatures headed south in past weeks, but, with Spring around the corner, it's time to hit the ATM and dig in on the best food served on four wheels.