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Montebello, CA: Cater Needs – Offering You the Best Priced Truck Electrical Parts

Many people may know but those who don’t know, see, a food truck is essentially a restaurant on wheels, having various advantages over a traditional eat-in restaurant. You don’t need to go through all the hassles of setting up your restaurant in the most hotshot place in your city or town; rather simply carry your truck hardware over there and crowd will come to you instead.

Highland Park, CA: Highland Park Considering Food Trucks

A large number of inquiries from food truck vendors has city taking a closer look at the issue.

Highland Park, IL: Highland Park Mulls Food Trucks

Highland Park's Business and Economic Development Commission is just beginning to study the licensing of food trucks. It does not expect to have a recommendation for the City Council for at least 60 days, said Deputy City Manager Ghida Neukirch.