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National News: Hungary’s Most Popular Street Food – Langós

While langós is almost unknown over here, in Hungary it’s almost everywhere. There are langós stands all over the country, the same way that hot dog carts cover Manhattan, or falafel stands are all over the Middle East.

Florida: State Regulating Agency Calls for Vendors to Participate in “2nd Mobile Food Vendor...

DBPR licenses and regulates all food service establishments in the state

Brooklyn: Food Fight – Board Seeks Changes to Sidewalk Cart Rules

Community Board 10 has declared war on sidewalk food vendors in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights.

The public is still catching on and we need to push our city council even more to understand the need to modernize our bylaws to facilitate the evolution of the mobile food culture

Mobile Food Trucks are on a Roll in Central Pennsylvania

Mobile food trucks, from sleek trailers to makeshift barbecue setups, are popping up in the most unlikely places.

Concessionaire City: Ferndale Sees Most Street Food Vendor Requests in Recent Memory

"Since I've been here, in four years, this is the most we've seen," City Clerk Cherilynn Tallman said.

Richmond, BC: Japa Dog comes to Richmond

A street meat phenomenon that’s proven a big hit with Vancouverites is now in Richmond.

Detroit: Food Truck Rolls in with Big Plans as a Trendsetter

El Guapo is a taco truck with a mission, scheduled to open during Monday's lunch hour in a Detroit's "Greektown".