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NYC: Gourmet On-the-Go

Celebrate New York's food truck culture with a weekend-full of tasty festivals

Reading, PA: Outdoor Market Area for Penn Square Discussed

Acquiring standard street vending carts to lease to operators for a minimal fee.

Gainesville, FL: Downtown Weighs Good and Bad of Luring Trendy Food Vendors

On Monday, they talked about the upsides of the trucks as well as the potential roadblocks, both on the permitting side and on the business side, as more vendors could mean competition for brick-and-mortar restaurants.
Photos: Robert Miller TUBE STAKES: Hot-dog vendor Houssen Ellaboudiy nurses a razor wound outside Time Warner Center yesterday as alleged slasher Azmy Mansour rants from inside a squad car after his arrest.

NYC: Hot-Dog Vendor Slashes Rival’s Face Outside Time Warner Center

Yesterday, a New York City hot dog vendor celebrated Friday the 13th—both the day and the horror film—by slashing up a rival vendor's face.

Las Cruces, NM: Food Truck Revolution

According to Christine Logan, economic development and business assistance liaison for the City of Las Cruces, anyone serving food, even in a mobile unit, is required to have the same food service permit.

N. Attleboro, MA: Hot Dog Vendor Shut Down by Town Won’t Reopen

A hot dog vendor whose mobile food cart was shut down this winter because of a zoning violation has decided to close up shop for good.

Restaurateur Rocco Whalen Brings Food Truck Downtown, Gets Cited By the City

Fahrenheit chef/owner Rocco Whalen decided to take a stand on the illegality of food trucks in downtown Cleveland on Friday by rolling up to East Sixth Street and St. Clair Avenue to fire up some lunchtime vittles.

Toronto: Yorkville’s Redesign Kicks Street Food Vendors Off The Curb

Apparently the Yorkville renovation left no room for several street vendors, forcing out eight hot dog stands (some of which have operated in the area for 15 to 20 years), two retailers and an ice cream truck.

Philadelphia: Trouble for Dapper Dog Food Cart

Early this week, the hot dog cart was approached by Philadelphia police officers and told that it was operating against regulations.