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Campbell’s Soup’s New Direction Inspired By Food Trucks

Chuck Vila, V.P. of Consumer Insights, visited "hipster hubs" in Austin, Portland and San Francisco, noshing at food trucks!

SF: Don Bugito Launches Edible Insect Food Cart (VIDEO)

A local business that has started selling Mexican cuisine featuring edible insects

‘Sandwich King’ Jeff Mauro Picks Favorite Chicago Spots

The 33 year-old Elmwood Park resident was recently named “The Next Food Network Star"

Shoe Truck: Gorgeous New Shoe Boutique Parks in Austin

Austin's newest shoe boutique, BOOTLEG, in a 30-foot airstream trailer.

Author of The Food Lovers Guide to Chicago

The Food Lovers Guide to Chicago, it's a valuable resource for locals and visitors alike with its vast coverage of the city's diverse culinary destinations.

LudoBites Returns To LA’s Gram & Papa’s

Celebrity chef Ludo Lefebvre is settling down. Well, sort of.

Raw Deal? Slicing and Dicing Safe Sushi Eating in the U.S.

Japanese delicacy, served up not only with exquisite style in fancy Los Angeles sushi bars, but also through the windows of increasingly popular food trucks.

Is This the Best Hot Dog in the World?

It's called a Pylsur. Here are the vital details. It tastes properly of meat, not an indistinguishable blur of brown. The sausage snaps when you bite it. It comes with not one, but two types of onions (fried and raw).