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Boston, MA: Chubby Chickpea – Boston’s First Kosher Food Truck

The Chubby Chickpea calls their cuisine, “Sephardic Street Fare,” but the term is more poetic than precise. This is classic Israeli road food: hummus, falafel, babaganoush, and grilled meats wrapped in laffa. My dining companions agree that the chicken is juicy and well-prepared. Our side of falafel is tasty, and the hummus substantial. It’s less a spread than a dish of its own.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Kofta Platter from Bread & Olives

The kofta at Bread & Olives is made from ground beef, and it was shaped like a long, thick sausage. It was probably about 9″ long and cylindrical.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Red Beet Falafel & A Smoothie from Taim...

The first few bites were mostly hummus, tahini and pita bread. Getting down to the red beet falafel, the first few bites were overpowered by the sauces.

New York, NY:NYSF First Look – Chicken Shish Tawouk From Bread & Olives

Chicken shish tawouk is described on the menu as grilled cubes of marinated chicken brests (sic). The “shish” was misleading, because it wasn’t grilled chicken shish kebab as we expected. Janah told us after the chicken is cooked, it is dipped in tawouk sauce.

Stillwater, OK: Food Trucks Bring Unique Cuisine to Stillwater

If Austin is the Mecca of food trucks, then Stillwater is probably the Sahara.

Philadelphia, PA: The Pure-est of Penn Food Trucks

On Penn’s campus, it is difficult to resist falling into food cart patterns. When a new truck rolls along, you have to weigh the options: to enjoy the usual, or to sacrifice your perfect order and experiment with something new?


The 2011 Vendy Awards on Saturday was a great day, with delicious food served by over 20 different vendors.

DC: Checking Up on the House of Falafel Truck

Food Truck Fiesta posted some tough criticism yesterday of the House of Falafel Truck.