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Washington, DC: Pedro & Vinny’s Burrito Cart Plans Expansion as Food Truck Competition Picks...

“The fact that food trucks are so popular has made it easier to get into the truck business,” said Sai Souphom, 34, who started Saivita flower truck in December. “People understand the concept, and your customer reach is obviously wider” than in a brick-and-mortar store.

Wellfleet, MA: Vendor is Hungry for a Chance

Food trucks won't be allowed in the Cape Cod National Seashore this summer but might be there next year.

Fairfax County, VA: Food Truck Changes Considered in Fairfax County

Food trucks are becoming a popular venue as an alternative to traditional sit-down and fast food restaurants

Los Angeles, CA: Tillamook Truck Rolls Into Town With Free Ice Cream

The Tillamook ice cream truck is in Lakewood today, in Torrance and Redondo Beach and Hawthorne (parked at various Albertsons and Vons locations) over the weekend, and then on Thursday, April 17, it will be heading to Westwood, where the truck will be parked outside of Simplethings.

Shreveport, LA: It’s the Law – Operating ice cream trucks in Shreveport

Shreveport’s few ice cream trucks operate without a lot of special consideration from local government.

Scottsdale, AZ: Will Ice Cream Trucks be Allowed on Scottsdale Streets?

Mayor 'looking forward to ice cream trucks being back in Scottsdale'

Chicago, IL: Controversial Food Truck Ordinance also Regulates Chicago Ice Cream Trucks

Major players in the ice cream truck business say their interests weren’t considered

Chicago, IL: Alderman Wants to Revisit Food Truck Ordinance in Light of Ice Cream...

But it turns out ice cream trucks are also subject to the new law’s restrictions.

Miami, FL: Ice Cream Trucks Evolving Into Interactive Mobile Businesses

"But right now I can only attend city functions and events."