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Pittsburgh, PA: Family Rolls into Bridgeville with Ice-Cream Truck Dream

Upper St. Clair resident Mike Baughman, along with his wife, Kristen, and young children roll through Bridgeville and nearby areas in their Rolling Cones truck selling Penn State Berkey Creamery ice cream.

Fresno, CA: 101 Best Food Trucks Feature – Dusty Buns

Le Cordon Bleu graduates Dustin and Kristin Stewart started their food truck, Dusty Buns, with the hope to showcase the best of California’s Central Valley’s small-farm and organic foods.

Los Angeles, CA: The Buttermilk Truck

A look into the story of the truck serving the streets of Los Angeles. The Buttermilk Truck makes all of their menu items fresh each day so you can enjoy breakfast morning, noon, and night. We caught up with Pascual to talk about her love for breakfast, no matter what time of the day it is, and her truck.

Wichita, KS: 101 Best Food Trucks Feature – The Flying Stove

We caught up with the Kansas food truck to learn more about their inspiration and operation. We started out rotating our menu every two weeks... We've moved it to every month. It's an extreme amount of work but never boring and always a representation of what we're feeling as cooks, as people, and as artists at that time.

Miami, FL: 101 Best Food Trucks Feature – Ms. Cheezious

The owners at Ms. Cheezious know a thing or two about steaming up a standard grilled cheese. This Miami food truck is decorated with a blonde beach babe posed on top of an oozing grilled cheese and the truck claims to "arouse your palate."

National News: LA Chef Talks Inspiration from Travel for New Dishes

For any chef, inspiration for a new dish is almost always comprised of experiences, memories and travel that can be tasted through the flavor.

St. Louis, MO: St. Louis’ Hot Summers Can’t Stop the Cha Cha Chow Truck

Cha Cha Chow offers non-traditional tacos (short rib, "Baja style" roasted chicken, curried sweet potato — the latter two on flour tortillas) along with a pretty good burger and a "Cuban Crime of Passion" — pulled pork, pickles, cheese, and mustard on a double-toasted roll. Seasoned fries served with spicy ketchup are a side dish.

San Francisco, CA: RoliRoti – Food That Smells So Good It’s Almost Illegal

An interview with Thomas Odermatt, founder of one of The Daily Meal's 101 best food trucks for 2012 Read more: http://www.thedailymeal.com/food-smells-so-good-its-almost-illegal-interview-rolirotis-thomas-oldermatt#ixzz2FjhWvQGz

Washington, DC: Basil, Thyme, and a Sous-Vide Truck in DC?

An interview with Basil Thyme's founder Brian Farrell

New Orleans, LA: Food Truck Hopping With Empanada Intifada in New Orleans

The founders of Empanada Intifada decided to peace out on their cubicles and office attire and start a food truck. Aiming to provide "SlapYourThigh delicious" fare, the menu includes items like mestizo meat pie, a fusion of the traditional empanada with the traditional meat pie; poblano-cream mac and cheese; and Wok yer socks odd, a veggie peanut stir-fry.