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Information on insurance companies and policies specifically deigned for the Mobile Food Industry.

Edinburgh, UK: The pitt street food market to return in February

By Matthew Dunne-Miles  |  WOW 24/7 Street food fans rejoice! The newest addition to Edinburgh’s outdoor foodie scene is set to return this February, with...

National News: Food Truck Fire Safety Hazards Remain a Concern

The popularity of food trucks over recent years hasn’t waned, likely due to their mobility and trendy menu items. As the food truck industry grows, so do the fire risks.

California: Food Truck Insurance

The result is an affordable insurance solution that provides you with online access to the information you need and when you need it.

Global: Are You Financially Equipped to Run a Food Truck?

This excerpt is part of Entrepreneur.com's Second-Quarter Startup Kit which explores the fundamentals of starting up in a wide range of industries.

Toronto, CAN: On Day 1 of Toronto’s new, relaxed food truck rules, 20-metre gap...

Variety in lunch options was on the mind of bystanders outside Me.n.u. After ordering rice balls and a taco, Colette Snyder said cutting the mandated distance from 50 metres to 30 will bolster competition.

Cleveland, OH: Cold day? Hot menu at today’s Walnut Wednesday’s food truck gathering

By Debbi Snook  |  Cleveland.com It's not supposed to get above 60 degrees today, so some hot food from a hot food truck may fit...

National News: Getting the Right Insurance for Your Food Truck

By Rishi Arora | Progressive Commercial In the past few years, food trucks have gone from a quick, convenient place to get food, to traveling stewards...

Jupiter, FL: Food Truck Fest

There will be some tables and chairs, but it is recommended that you bring your own folding chairs in order to get the best seat! Parking is free in the parking garage to the south of the plaza.

Ottawa, CAN: Affirmative Action for Street Food Waged as Ottawa City Hall Seeks Greater...

The City of Ottawa is granting 20 new street food vendor licences mid-January — but only if the applicants successfully jump through some pretty ludicrous hoops.

Why Food Trucks Struggle with Car Insurance – Food Truck Frenzy Sweet Republic’s...

Questions regarding insurance for food trucks and other specialty vehicles.