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Ithaca, NY: Food Trucks and Restaurants Battle Over Hours, Terrain

Under the current policy, food trucks may not operate closer than 200 linear feet from the nearest brick and mortar restaurant.

Ithaca, NY: Food Truck Policy Getting A Look

A second look at Ithaca's food truck policies officially began on Monday, Jan. 25, with a reconvening of the Board of Public Works' street vending subcommittee at City Hall.

Ithaca, NY: Ithaca to revisit food truck policies

After an appeal by a Collegetown-based food truck owner last month, a subcommittee will convene next week to discuss possible changes to the policy

Itaca, NY: Ithaca revisits food truck policy

Talks have begun to revisit Ithaca's food truck polic

Ithaca, NY: Rules proposed for some Commons businesses

A new ordinance under discussion at the committee level would dictate what businesses can set up shop on the Commons.

Ithaca, NY: Dos Amigos food truck open for lunch in downtown Ithaca

The Dos Amigos food truck is now serving up their popular California-inspired Mexican food for lunch in downtown Ithaca.

Ithaca, NY: Mexican Food Truck, Dos Amigos, Opens in Collegetown

“It’s a savory steak along with a lime tang to it and the parsley adds a nice twist,” Pustilnik said. “I like the freshness of it and it is definitely a pretty solid choice. I would eat it again.”

Ithaca, NY: Hot Truck May or May Not Move

The Board of Public Works expressed majority disapproval at its May 18 meeting for extending the “historic exception” the Hot Truck enjoys from the mobile vending law the city enacted in 2014. The Hot Truck, along with Louie’s Lunch, doesn’t have to move from its spot on an every night basis, unlike other trucks that operate under the city law.

Ithaca, NY: The Hot Truck May Get New Location

The Hot Truck may be soon doing something besides selling lots of its Triple Sui sandwich—the late-night institution might change its location, which, even though it’s a truck, it does very rarely.

Ithaca, NY: The Trend Toward Trucks In Foodie Culture

Roundups are the way to go because not only is it a place to grab a quick bite, but it also serves as a community space and an event