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Jacksonville, FL: Jacksonville Food Truck – Backstreets Catering Food Truck

I fell in love with the rotisserie on the back of my trailer as soon as I saw it, and from that time I envisioned it as a barbeque pit. It called my name and said “you’ve got to do this!” I love grilling and smoking. I’ve always loved barbecue, and when I finished with the Tex-Mex restaurant, I found myself freed up to pursue this and other ideas.

Jacksonville, FL: Food Truck Operators Calmed A Bit After City Hall Meeting ; Concerns...

acksonville food truck operators left City Hall on Wednesday with limited progress changing legislation to regulate their industry, but less alarmed than when a councilman first suggested new rules last month. Councilman Reggie Brown asked Kline and about 15 others to return March 24 for another round of talks about the bill, which hasn't been introduced...

Jacksonville, FL: From “Out of Business” to “Opening Doors” – New Regulation on Jacksonville’s...

For more than two months a special committee led by Councilman Reggie Brown has worked on figuring out a compromise which would give the city a greater say in when and where food trucks operate without squashing the business entirely.

Jacksonville, FL: Jax Beach Mellow Mushroom in Support of Food Trucks

Soon food trucks are coming to Jax Beach but the general manager of Mellow Mushroom tells us he's not at all concerned.

Jacksonville, FL: On the Fly Takes Top Honors at Jax Truckies Food Truck Championship

Jacksonville food truck On the Fly Sandwiches & Stuff rolled away with top honors at the Second Annual Jax Truckies Food Truck Championship, held Saturday,

Jacksonville, FL: Gourmet Food Trucks – New Phenomena for Foodies

The gourmet trend is popular with customers partly because since the economic downturn in the United States, many people have cut down on fine food dining when they go out. The gourmet food truck allows them to spend the same as an average lunch costs and enjoy the gourmet style foods they love.

Jacksonville, FL: Dining Notes – One Spark Food Village Features Food Trucks, Vendors

It was just before noon, and a one-block stretch of of the street was filling with downtown office workers and festivalgoers for the inaugural One Spark “crowdsourcing” festival where hundreds of innovators and c

Jacksonville, FL: Food Trucks Roll Into Downtown for One Spark

As part of this week’s One Spark “crowdfunding” festival, several food trucks and food vendors will create a “food village” on Laura Street, between Forsyth and Adams streets.

Jacksonville, FL: Food Truck Fight

They can make their businesses elsewhere, but what about us? People like us, we're stuck here regardless

Jacksonville, FL: First Coast Food Truck Business Speeding to Success

Every day, you get a different freshness and taste for my gourmet palette. It's really a nice surprise every day.