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San Bernardino County Supervisors to Take Up Food Truck Proposal

The biggest complaint is the proposed $596 annual fee

San Bernardino, CA: Food Truck Ordinance Goes to Planning Commission

Food truck owners would have more options to sell their menu items

San Bernadino, CA: Bring on the Food Trucks

Could we begin to see food trucks in San Bernardino County?

San Bernadino, CA: Food Trucks on Table

At first, Rutherford pushed for the lifting of the ban but was met with resistance from some cities that wanted more local control.

Riverside County, CA: Keep on Truckin’

"Let's open our eyes to a new economy. Maybe we've been too Draconian." Hallelujah!

San Bernadino County Considers Lifting Food Truck Ban

Gourmet food trucks may soon make their way to San Bernardino County as the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday considers whether to legalize their businesses.

Ontario, CA: Food Truck Fest a Success

Folks came out in droves for the event on Saturday at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario - 11,800, according to the promoters.

San Bernardino, CA: Rutherford Hopes that County’s Ban on Food Trucks will be Repealed

2nd District Supervisor Janice Rutherford is designing an ordinance that could repeal the ban on mobile restaurants in the region, which in turn could create jobs and improve the quality of life for many residents while helping the local economy.

San Bernadino: County to Look at Food Truck Ban

San Bernardino County residents may soon be able to enjoy grub from food trucks on local streets.

San Bernadino County Supervisor Janice Rutherford: Let the Food Trucks Roll!

She makes a point that if the modern food truck industry were allowed here in the county, not only would that create jobs and economic opportunities for the food truck vendors themselves, but also for those convert, clean, wrap, maintain and sell the trucks.