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Louisville, KY: What the truck? – Pollo Gourmet Chicken Joint

We have a fried chicken gyro, a loaded potato twister, which is our version of loaded nachos to which we add chicken and cheese and salsa and crema.

Louisville, KY: Hi-Five Doughnuts

Hand-cut, gourmet doughnuts. Our most popular doughnut is the caramel bourbon glaze with either bacon or candied pecans.

Louisville, KY: Food trucks find niche, flourish in Louisville

Food truck fare has come a long way from the deep-frying caravans that hawk funnel cakes and fries at the Kentucky State Fair.

Louisville, KY: Traveling Kitchen

All our meats are hand-cut and marinated overnight. We have five different tacos. They are: Korean Bulgogi Beef Tacos, Spicy Pork, Teriyaki Chicken, Tempura-Fish, and Tempura-Veggie Tacos. The customers love to get a combo of three different tacos combos, what we call "Taco-Trio." They also love to start with pan or deep fried dumplings (yakimandu or gyoza).

Louisville, KY: Lexie Lu’s

We serve specialty hamburgers. We cure our own bacon. We smoke pork belly and pork loin. The Big Bacon Classic is our number one seller.

Louisville, KY: 502 Cafe

Our most popular item is our Smoked Brisket with Bourbon Bacon Jam. We also offer Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, Bourbon Molasses glazed Pork belly, baby back ribs and various classic sides with our twist, like truffle mac and cowboy baked.

Louisville, KY: Louisville Dessert Truck

We serve dessert. That includes brownies, CookieWiches, Turtle Sticks, BigModjeskas, assorted ice cream novelties, sometimes, pie, sometimes cake — whatever I'm in the mood to make. The most popular items are the Maker's Mark Bourbon Ball Brownie and CookieWich.

Lexington, KY: Food Truck Friday will have 10 vendors; restaurants win at Taste of...

Food Truck Friday returns to the Herald-Leader from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on June 12.

Richmond, VA: Food trucks get a little boost from governor, state law

McAuliffe thinks food trucks are innovators and government shouldn't impede their success, spokesman Brian Coy said.

Louisville, KY: Food trucks introduce new flavors, excitement to Louisville cuisine scene

Food trucks are introducing new flavors, excitement and risk to Louisville's cuisine scene.