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Edmonton, CAN: Drift Food Truck

Tthe flavour and texture of the sandwich was reminiscent of a Vietnamese sub, however the pork belly wasn’t quite as flavourful as they expected it to be.

Philadelphia, PA : Truck Stop – The Cow and the Curd

The truck also offers "infused curds." We tried the Farmer's Garden, which has sun-dried tomato, garlic, dill and chipotle peppers mixed into the cheese. Whichever variety you order, be sure to snag a side of homemade dipping sauce. Flavors include sriracha mayo and smoked ketchup.

Downtown LA Challenge: In the Food Truck Trenches

I was practically throwing food out the window while the world’s fastest cook was piling lunches in front of me.

VIDEO – Denmark: The Danish Pølsevogn (hot dog)

Hotdogs and hotdog stands are popular almost everywhere, but I don't think anywhere takes the concept of sausage and bread as seriously as the Danes. A Danish hotdog stand called a pølsevogn can be found on almost any major street or torv in Denmark.