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Kuala Lumpur, MYS: Food truck lovers, get set for KL’s own Food Truck Alley

By Nuradzimmah Daim  |  New Straight Times Online KUALA LUMPUR: Following the growing interest in food truck dining, City Hall is planning to create KL's...

Malaysia: ‘Mobile licences’ for food trucks in KL and Putrajaya

Temporary licences will be issued to food truck operators in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya from this month.

Kuala Lumpur, MYS: Hungry rally-goers mean fatter wallets for food truck operators

Food trucks are cashing in on the second day of the Bersih 4 rally that had been drawing enormous crowds since yesterday.

Klang Valley, MYS: Masterchef Adam Liaw has a food truck in Malaysia!

What makes The Little Red Food Truck different from the rest of them is the fact that this will be the first food truck that features the entire menu by an international chef. Sounds great, doesn’t it?