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Las Vegas, NV: US Potato Board launches Spud Nation™ Food Truck Venture

Spud Nation trucks will launch with nine menu items made with a vast array of U.S. potato products.

Las Vegas, NV: Local Food Truck, Organic Gypsy, Wins National Competition

“I beat out, you know, bacon and chorizo and cheese sauce and macaroni and cheese to win - and i.e. all of those things. But it felt really inspiring. It was like a victory for the underdog - you know, the healthy food, the potato soup. It felt really…kind of victorious on another level. You know it wasn’t about the actual recipe, but more of a deeper meaning.”

Las Vegas, NV: Potato growers enter food truck business

The U.S. Potato Board has unveiled a food truck it's purchased to sell potato-based cuisine in the Denver area, with plans to start a fleet of food trucks specializing in spuds.

Las Vegas, NV: The Mobile Mogul – Oliver Naidas Launches Fifth Food Truck Lobsterfest

After launching his first food truck, Sausagefest, in 2011, and subsequently unleashing Tacofest, Burgerfest and Greekfest grubwagons on the Vegas Valley, Naidas will debut his fifth truck, Lobsterfest, at a home builders’ convention next week.

Las Vegas, NV: K-College grad taking food truck, culinary skills to Las Vegas

"There's kind of an intimate relationship we have with our customers because we're on the street," Blough said. "We're really out in the community doing different things every day, and that's probally what I love the most."

Las Vegas, NV: Silver Sevens Casino holds the ultimate Food Truck Battle

A Gourmet Soiree is known for street foods, gourmet menu items, freshly squeezed lemonade and, for dessert, No Toaster Tart in a variety of flavors. It is described as Mobile Kitchen Solution/ Food Truck/ Film/TV Catering/Craft Service/Pop Ups. The menu for the evening is hand written with surprises each day.

Las Vegas, NV: Best food truck experiences in Las Vegas

Fukuburger is definitely a local-favorite, offering traditional all-American burgers with a Japanese twist.

Las Vegas, NV: Sushi burritos, fried ice cream and White Castle Cravers invade Las...

More than 50 food trucks and food vendors will huddle for this event that includes White Castle dishing out Cravers from its Crave Mobile Food Truck in singles and suitcases.

Las Vegas, NV: Looking for Asian fusion? Try Mochiko Chicken

Mochiko Chicken, with former Hakkasan chef Lloyd Bansil in the kitchen, is an outgrowth of the popular Dragon Grille food truck and is owned by Jerry Misa and Sandra Lenska