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Los Angeles, CA: What’s Up with the Food Trucks?

From grilled cheese, to weird things like lasagna bowels and bacon filled corn dogs wrapped in spaghetti, you’ll find it all at a food truck near you (or me actually)!

Los Angeles, CA: Best Thing We Ate Yesterday – Lasagna Cupcakes!

We only had time for a quick bite, and when we stopped to see what was on offer, the plancha-grilled wild salmon with beet greens and couscous, the sea bass and the fresh zucchini fritters with spicy tomato sauce (from a truck!) were already gone. So we opted for a sausage lasagna cupcake and a beautiful salad. We love the fresh pasta, the flavors, the crispy cheesy top.

Philly: Strada Pasta Hits Streets Soon

Strada Pasta at the recent Chinatown Night Market

Heirloom-LA Food Truck Named 2011’s “Best Gourmet Food Truck”

Heirloom-LA's Food Truck the 2011 recipient for the "Best Gourmet Food Truck" category

New York: Rapidly Growing Food Truck Industry Rallies

Two blocks in West Chelsea turned into a powerhouse gathering of mobile food vendors offering the finest fare in their rapidly growing industry.

Italian Gourmet Lunch Wagon in La Jolla 2 Days a Week

“I always wanted a restaurant but I can’t afford it. Now I can say the economy put me on the street — it really did,” quipped Pavlinovic.