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Lewiston, ME: Food Truck Owner Wants to Roll Into Lewiston

Bringing a food truck to Lewiston, which has an established restaurant industry, could be either a blessing or a curse. It's unknown how the area would treat the visiting trucks.

Santa Rosa, CA: The List – Late Night Food Truck Spots

The food truck business in Santa Rosa is booming. Everyone’s dishing on their favorite lunch spot on wheels.

Madison, WI: Broom Street Food Fight Goes Viral But Compromise Pending

The issue has garnered coverage in the campus media in addition to a social media campaign launched by Fried & Fabulous food cart owner Steve Lawrence, who has been running an online petition to garner support for the vendors.

Richmond, VA: University of Richmond Considers On-Campus Food Trucks

With 41 food venues around campus, the trucks are a great seasoning more so than an entree

Boston, MA: With Flourish and Fanfare, Food Truck Returns

100 customers will receive a free shirt with their order

Reno, NV: City Council Could Put The Brakes On Food Trucks

I'm not competing against the brick and mortar.

Will ‘Whole Hog’ Food Truck Debut on Allen Street Tonight?

Right now the truck is on a bigger truck, headed for Buffalo, owner Kathleen Haggerty said early this morning.

Honolulu: Shogunai Tacos

The Shogunai Taco Truck has about 17 to 20 different tacos, which he rotates daily to keep the menu fresh.