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Are Food Trucks Greener Than Resaurants?

Food Truck vs Restaurant: Location, Location, Location

Toronto: Thundering Thelma, Zane Caplansky’s 1st Food Truck

Nearly two months past her original launch date, Zane Caplansky’s new food truck—named Thundering Thelma—has come roaring onto Toronto streets.

Lansing, MI: Meals on Wheels — Done Right

Trailer Park´d is the vehicle from which Hahn shares his knowledge and love of food done right. Literally.

Food Trucks’ Tasty Tweets

With smaller start-up costs, food trucks are a low-risk and low-maintenance venture that enable entrepreneurs to maximize both their profits and their market.

Turf War Heats Up Over D.C. Food Trucks

The two sides are dealocked, even with an offer by the vendors this week to be taxed the same as a brick-and-mortar establishment.

DC: Restaurants & Food Trucks Duel Over Location

CIty restaurant owners and the District's food truck vendors remained deadlocked on how to resolve the dispute over where the trucks can operate, despite an offer Wednesday by the vendors to be taxed at the same rate as brick-and-mortar businesses.

Chattanooga Restaurant Part of National Food Truck Trend

Siler says the start-up costs of the food truck were about one-fifth of a restaurant in a building. And he has to follow the same permits and pass all health inspections just like any other restaurant.