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Los Angeles, CA: Fishlips Sushi

Fishlips Sushi’s menu has traditional rolls as well as Temari Sushi which is a ball-shaped sushi made by pressing rice and fish together. It’s really neat looking and a great finger food. The Temari’s are available with either tuna, tuna tataki, eel, albacore, eskalar, yellowtail, salmon, snapper, halibut or shrimp.

Los Angeles, CA: Tillamook Truck Rolls Into Town With Free Ice Cream

The Tillamook ice cream truck is in Lakewood today, in Torrance and Redondo Beach and Hawthorne (parked at various Albertsons and Vons locations) over the weekend, and then on Thursday, April 17, it will be heading to Westwood, where the truck will be parked outside of Simplethings.

Los Angeles, CA: L.A. County Food-Truck Safety Program Leaves a Bad Taste in the...

Field inspectors have never visited about 40% of the food trucks and carts in L.A. County. Another problem is that the public can't readily look up information about a mobile eatery's safety record.

Los Angeles, CA: Ricky’s Fish Tacos Debuts New Food Truck – It’s Go Time

By  Javier Cabral  |   LA Times Ricky’s Fish Tacos is finally legit. As of noon today, Ricky Pina, who makes some of the best fish...

Los Angeles, CA: L.A. Leaders Move to Legalize Street Vending

Legalizing street food would make it safer for consumers, because taco stands would be subject to inspections by the county Health Department. Income from city vending permits or fees could fund tougher police enforcement against illegal sellers.

Los Angles, CA: Los Angeles May Embrace Street Food Vendors

Street vendors especially taco trucks are looked down upon by the city’s law enforcement, as many of the vendors are illegal immigrants trying to survive in the poorest neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, CA: Food Carts in Los Angeles Come Out of the Shadows

Los Angeles officials are preparing to embark on a very different strategy: embracing street vending.

Los Angeles, CA: Vendors Aim to Legalize Street Food in L.A.

That's one of the pieces we've been talking to folks about. Anybody selling food would need to meet public health department regulations.

Los Angeles, CA: LAX Puts Food Truck Inside Terminal, Announces Rotating Chefs

The food truck-airport relationship was started at the Tampa International Airport in Florida last December, where they invited the vehicles to park and sell food in the cellphone lo

Los Angeles, CA: La Brea Opens Temp. Food Truck During Flagship Expansion

a Brea Bakery has opened a temporary food truck behind the soon to be new home at 468 South La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles, Calif.