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Tweat.it Provides Food Trucks’ Location Around Manhattan Instantly

Tweat.it can help you follow your favorite trucks

Schools Rolling Out New Fundraisers: Food Truck Nights

The student parking lot at the Cerritos campus is transformed every week into a congested food truck stop

LA: Neri’s Curbside Cravings – Gourmet Pinoy Food on Wheels

a Filipino food truck has been attracting hordes of loyal followers; surprisingly, many of them non-Filipinos.

Food Trucks Starting to Make the Presence Known in Silver Spring

Several new food truck businesses have been sighted around downtown Silver Spring this month, including Tops American Food Company and Sub-Urban-Bros: The Great Sandwich Truck. Each has been on the road for only a few weeks, but both have already been making regular stops near the intersection of Wayne Avenue and Colesville Road.