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Toronto, CAN: King West Eats Comes to an End

The lot debuted just 3 weeks ago to a buzz that got both food trucks owners and foodies very excited, but a recent opportunity came up to turn the lot into a paid parking lot so it will no longer be offered for lunch time rallies.

Nashville, TN: Bites Names a Winner to Help Judge the Nashville Street Food Awards

Nashville's food truck community is growing stronger all the time and there are eight new trucks participating this year for a total of 35 trucks

North Fremantle, WA, AUS: Food Truck Could be Booted Off Leighton Beach After Complaints

A food truck could be booted off Leighton Beach in North Fremantle because local residents have complained about the noise coming from its generator.

Edmonton, CAN: S’wich Food Truck Hits the Mark with Hand-Crafted Bread, Cured Meats and...

I sampled one of his mortadella sandwich at a recent What the Truck?! event, and could not believe the taste and texture of the mortadella, which was gloriously studded with pistachios. Make sure and indulge in an artisanal ice cream sandwich if you’ve got room for dessert.

Tokyo, JP: Food Trucks in Japan

Yes, they do have these type of food trucks in Japan and here's a couple photos. While a bit smaller than their American counterpart, they are rather large compared to most vehicles in Japan.

Columbia, MO: Columbia High School Students Can Eat From Food Truck

A food truck will soon be part of the lunch time choices for students at Columbia high schools.

Albany, GA: New Food Truck Finds A Home Downtown

For the lunch time crowds, Mexican food always seems to be a top choice but homemade tacos and burritos within walking distance from the office, that sounds even better.

Some Restaurant Owners Not on the Food Truck Bandwagon

"It's the wild, wild West for food trucks in Mount Pleasant now," DeMoura said.

Edmonton, Alberta CAN: Street Food for Lunch – Truck Stop

Truck Stop, a smaller offshoot of What the Truck?! at Churchill Square.