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Johor Baru , MYS: Food truck operators given the option to choose new trading...

Food truck operators operating at Dataran Bandaraya Johor Baru have been given several options to cease their operations in the area.

Columbia, SC: Food trucks, music and more Sunday at SC Farmers Market

It’s the perfect get-outside-on-a-January-day event with several activities to appeal to everyone in your group.

Kuching, MYS: Food trucks a hipster concept still too alien for Sarawak authorities

Offering gourmet food from trucks decorated with doodles, graffiti and brand names which capture the imagination, their presence in the cities is to be lauded but is also a bane to some traditional business owners.

Annapolis, MD: Legislation would expand food truck access in city

The council also will likely vote on legislation that would waive residential parking fees in special residential parking districts for public housing and Section 8 housing residents. With five sponsors, the legislation will likely pass.

Columbia, MO: Family-run food truck serves up Cuban cuisine and culture

"Cuban culture is a little bit more loud and inclusive, in that if you're invited over to someone's house, you bring your whole family and everyone's there," she said.

Prince George County, MD: The food trucks are coming — to a metro station...

Food trucks were legalized in Prince George’s County on Tuesday after county legislators passed a package of laws aimed at licensing, regulating and permitting mobile vending in restricted areas — reversing a decade-old prohibition against the roving eateries.

Montgomery, MD: Montgomery County Will Explore Food Truck Zones

County wants to ease concerns from brick-and-mortar restaurants about food trucks taking away business

Kuala Lumpur, MYS: Hungry rally-goers mean fatter wallets for food truck operators

Food trucks are cashing in on the second day of the Bersih 4 rally that had been drawing enormous crowds since yesterday.

Columbia, MO: New food truck rolls into Columbia

To make the Baby Back Burger, the chefs smoke pork spareribs for six hours, then pull the meat off the bone and form it into patties. The patties are then seared and smothered with broccoli slaw.

Owing Mills, MD: Food truck rally offers participants wide range of delicious eats

For those of you unfamiliar with a food truck rally, it is when several trucks that sell food meet in one spot. Food truck rallies are usually hosted by a business or organization and held in a local business area. Some are held at lunch time; others, like this one, are held at dinner time.