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Maplewood, MO: First Licensed Food Truck in Maplewood Sells Out on First Day

The Maplewood City Council passed a law in October to allow food trucks in the city for a 6-month trial period, beginning this month.

Maplewood, MO: Maplewood May Allow Food Trucks After All

Jeannine Beck is still against the idea of food trucks operating in Maplewood

Food Truck Bans: Good or Bad for Business?

Regulators have discussed bans on them for "cannibalizing" local businesses. But is that anti-competitive?

Food Trucks in Maplewood: Council Member Says Events Might be the Right Place

Lunchtime diners are driven by convenience, by cost, and by a pleasurable dining experience.

Maplewood’s Food Truck Discussion Attracts Media Attention

"Trucks could “cannibalize” the local restaurants’ business,"

Maplewood, Mo: Would You Support Food Trucks in Maplewood?

They were afraid that food trucks would harm the existing brick-and-mortar restaurants