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Birmingham, AL: A New Food Truck, a New Barbecue King, a Chef Leaves; Here’s...

Another food truck hit the streets, one of Birmingham'€™s rising-star chefs moved away, and the Alabama tourism folks crowned a new state barbecue king.

“Burger King” Rolling 40 Food Trucks Cross-Country to Hand Out Food at Events

And at some Washington, DC, area stores, it's testing home delivery.

BUSINESS Q&A: Mobile Food Trailer Chef Connects with San Angelo

"They're (food trucks) quite literally taking over the food industry,"

Santa Monica, CA: Food Trucks on Main Street Get a Reprieve—At Least for Now

In a unanimous decision Tuesday night, Council voted to extend the Temporary Use Permit for the Heritage Museum Food Vending Event...

Miami: Food Trucks Return to Biscayne Plaza

After a three-month hiatus, the food trucks are back at the Biscayne Plaza.

Green Cuisine Goes Mobile

Green cuisine is in—coming complete with sweet potato fries, ingredients sourced from local farms and compostable plates.

Medford, OR: Good Food on the Move

By Sarah Lemon | Mail Tribune Appraising Medford's food-cart landscape, Alyssa Warner saw plenty of potential among numerous taco trucks, a few hotdog...

Miami: Food Truck Controversy?

Yesterday the City of Miami shut down the popular food truck event at the American Legion post, 6445 Northeast 7th Avenue Miam.