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New York, NY: NYSF First Look – Katz & Dogz

Katz & Dogz is not kosher, they are kosher-style. For the non-Semitic, this means along with pastrami, corned beef, Hebrew National hot dogs and several types of knishes, they also serve reubens, which mix meat and cheese.

St. Paul, MN: Asian Invasion Food TruckPacks Some Serious Heat

The Asian Invasion tacos reminded us of a time when food trucks were still a mostly West Coast fad, and when Roy Choi's Kogi truck first introduced the world to the idea of bulgogi, a slightly sweetly Korean-dressed, grilled meat tucked into a taco.

Los Angeles, CA: NYSF In LA – Rice Balls Of Fire

The rice balls…too much rice and not enough meat, but the meat was succulent and the taste combination of seaweed paper wrapping and rice was delectable. The rice wasn’t sticky at all, and that’s quite a feat!

New York, NY: Street Eats – NY Style Mac & Cheese Steak

The cheese steak meat on top was pretty good with the panko, grated cheese and chipotle mayo. The chipotle mayo wasn’t particularly spicy, but it did add some flavor.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Wasabi Roll from Urban Lobster Shack…On Wheels

The lobster meat was mixed with a decent amount of mayo, so that the flavor of mayo was pretty evident in each bite. That made it nice and creamy, but this wasn’t one of those lobster rolls with lots of mayo and no lobster meat. There was plenty of lobster meat in there.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Combo Platter II From Carnegie John’s

The yellow rice is fine, and his white sauce is among the best around too. It’s yogurt, not mayo-based, making it thicker and richer than most white sauces on the street. Only a few other street vendors use yogurt in their white sauce. (Uncle Gussy’s, Souvlaki GR and Kwik Meal come to mind, but there may be a few others.)

Minneapolis, MN: Hibachi Daruma – A First Look at Teppanyaki on A Food Truck

Hibatchi Daruma regularly offers teriyaki chicken, beef, shrimp, or a combination of any two served over fried rice with grilled vegetables

Philadelphia, PA: Meet Mama’s Meatballs, A New Philly Food Truck

Antinore took the time to refine his recipes before launch, and his turkey balls actually won the amateur prize at last fall’s Swedish Historical Museum Meatball Contest.

Leeds, ME: Eats: Moose’s Mobile Kitchen Brings the Barbecue To You

Moose’s menu also includes roasted corn on the cob. “When you steam corn, the sugar doesn’t caramelize the same way that it does when you roast it,” says Kyllonen. “When you eat corn that’s been roasted it’s sweeter and it’s a beautiful dish to serve.”

Saugerties, NY: Saugerties Food Truck Festival Celebrates Art of the Paper Plate

The brightly colored custom trucks came from all over, as far as Albany. Smelling of meat, sauerkraut and onions, the gourmet caravan formed a wagon-train formation around a small parking lot on Route 212, near the town line between Saugerties and Woodstock.