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Tampa, FL: Food Truck Wars, the Stuff of Mediocrity

Should this food court on wheels succeed, Tampa will surpass Miami, the current record holder with a lousy, stinking, mere 62 trucks parked together all at once in the pursuit of liberty, justice and gastrointestinal adventure.

Miami, FL: Miami’s Food Truck Craze Catches on for School Meals

Specialty food trucks have become a staple at community gatherings, art walks, football games and other big events — and, in Miami-Dade, public school campuses.

Tampa, FL: Attempt at Record-Setting Food Truck Rally Creates Some Drama

On Aug. 31 more than 100 food trucks will assemble at the Florida Fairgrounds in Tampa in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest rally, and word on the street is Miami is mad.

Miami, FL: 101 Best Food Trucks Feature – Ms. Cheezious

The owners at Ms. Cheezious know a thing or two about steaming up a standard grilled cheese. This Miami food truck is decorated with a blonde beach babe posed on top of an oozing grilled cheese and the truck claims to "arouse your palate."

Miami, FL: Miami Fourth Best Food Truck City in America

Miami's food truck scene is alive and well and, apparently, a destination choice for hungry travelers, according to two prominent online food-and-travel sites.

Miami, FL: Burger Beast’s Food Truck Roundup at Magic City Casino

Hula Burger, a deep fried turkey burger with grilled pineapple and smoked applewood bacon, topped with a Polynesian BBQ Polynesian Sauce made with Pineapple & Papaya, served between a Butter Toasted Bun.

Miami, FL: Largest Food Truck Parade – Magic City Casino Breaks Guinness World Record

The Miami Food Trucks set the World Record for Largest Food Truck Parade after 62 colorful food trucks

National News: Eat St’ Episode Features Mojo Grill’s Miami Food Truck

Hands down, it’s probably the best little food truck we’ve never seen. And that’s because it never seems to make it up to this area; guess it’s always too busy down south in Miami.

Miami, FL: Burger Beast Bares All – Largest Food Truck Event Ever on 4/20

Free admission? Yes. Free parking? Yes. Free stretch pants? Maybe...

Miami, FL: Burger Land Features Latin Burger and Taco on Travel Channel April 22

When burger aficionado George Motz ate at Miami's Latin Burger and Taco about three years ago, the owner of the popular pink-and-black food truck, Jim Heins immediately recognized him.