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Middletown, CT: Aussie View – Connecticut and Canberra share food truck love

Motorists stop at the dark blue Kickin’ Chicken van to order signature fried chicken, fish and pork chop dishes. Mabery claims to have the best chicken in Middletown so two days ago I stopped to try it out.

Middletown, CT: Whey Station – Elevating The Humble Grilled Cheese

Whey Station's sandwiches go way above and beyond that three-ingredient base, though, with increasingly creative concoctions of cheeses and meats, vegetables, sauces and garnishes

Middletown, CT: Hot Dogs for Hungry – Food Truck’s Charity Sates Happy Customers

Free gourmet hotdogs — an impromptu act of giving by a Middletown food truck — is what drew them, curiously to queue up.

Middletown, DE: Barbeque Battle Heats Up Food Cart Regulation Debate in Middletown [video]

Wind picks up the aroma of smoldering hickory chips from Clint Johnson’s portable smoker