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St. Louis, MO: Legghorns and Shakes Food Truck – Chicken and Ice Cream

The Legghorns and Shakes food truck stopped by to show Tim all the different varieties of chicken and shakes they have available.

Kansas, MO: The Detroit Coney Food Truck Has Legit French Fries

Topped with yellow mustard, a thin chili - existing somewhere on the spectrum between sauce and tailgaiting chili - and raw white onion, it's a multi-napkin affair. In a city starved for hot dogs, it's a welcome addition.

Springfield, MO: More Food Trucks Means More Inspections for Health Department

Food Trucks can park in more places than ever before in Springfield.

Springfield, MO: Food Truck Vendors Hope for Broader Access

“I’ve done $1,500 on this lot in a day, which is amazing for this size”

Kansas City, MO: Brett Atkinson Makes Mom’s Food Mobile

It’s a 25-foot 1966 Avion. It’s similar to an Airstream but harder to find.

St. Louis, MO: City Introduces “Food Truck Row” Downtown

Food trucks will no longer have to battle for one of the precious few spots downtown

St. Louis, MO: Lulu’s Local Eatery Food Truck to Tote Garden on Top

A “global eclectic” roster of snacks, wraps and bowls

Maplewood, Mo: Would You Support Food Trucks in Maplewood?

They were afraid that food trucks would harm the existing brick-and-mortar restaurants

St. Louis, MO: Papa Tom’s Gateway Dog House Owner Turns to Social Media to...

A generator and 100 feet of 50 amp copper electrical cable