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Aurora, CO: “Pikine Grill”Food Truck

That's right and today we're featuring Colorado's first West African food truck.

Las Vegas, NV: US Potato Board launches Spud Nation™ Food Truck Venture

Spud Nation trucks will launch with nine menu items made with a vast array of U.S. potato products.

Manhattan, KS: Students lack vegetarian options at food trucks

Mr. K’s Mobile Kitchen currently serves salad, one of the few vegetarian options available through all of the food trucks.

Topeka, KS: Two popular festivals slated to return to Topeka in 2016

Burlesque and food truck festival to take place in March, June

Blacksburg, VA: Two Virginia Tech food trucks prepare for next fall

The menus for the two trucks will feature street food inspired by various cultures from around the world, including India, Vietnam, Korea, Latin America and the southern United States.

Beijing, CHN: Harry’s Café de Wheels to expand into China

One of Sydney’s most iconic pie purveyors, Harry’s Café de Wheels is expanding into China with plans to open 300 pie carts within the next 15 years.

Brussels, BEL: The Ultimate Guide To Street Food In Brussels

When looking for a quick bite, Brussels has an abundance of hearty street foods not easily found abroad.

Los Angeles, CA: What Happens When Food Trucks, Cinema, & Music Collide

Food Trucks and other activities have gone hand in hand ever since the trend started up. Truly the mobile businesses excel within symbiotic relationships; whether it’s doing a rally at a brewery or offering easy edibles during a music festival, the combo of ‘food truck + other thing’ has always proven beneficial to both parties when done right.

Delray, FL: Food trucks to keep serving parts of Delray Beach

Folks who don't have time to dine in a Delray Beach restaurant on a lunch break can grab a meal at a food truck.

Irving, TX: Food trucks return to La Quinta for PGA golf tourney

“There is a large following for food trucks across Southern California, so why not dig into the variety of amazing, unique cuisine that our trucks in Bob Hope Square offer fans while they watch many of the PGA TOUR’s best golfers put on a show inside the ropes.”