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New York, NYC: Maple Grilled Ham & Cheese From Snowday

The sandwich was grilled until the bread was very crispy. The bread was fairly soaked in maple syrup, although that didn’t soften it up any.

New York, NY: Merguez Sausage Platter From Comme Ci Comme Ca

Merguez sausage is a Moroccan lamb sausage that’s nicely spiced, but in this case was not particularly spicy.

Manitoba, CAN: Business booming for Manitoba food truck builder thanks to low loonie

Dugald-based Food Trucks International president expects business to triple thanks to lame loonie

Lowell, MA: Someone is Kickstarting An EDM Food Truck

We knew it was only a matter of time before someone in America attempted to raise money for an EDM food truck on Kickstarter.

Louisville, KY: KFC Food Truck Rolls through Nashville

The brand is debuting its Nashville Hot Chicken at Nashville cities located in eight states.

Des Moines, IA: Food trucks head to D.M. parks, neighborhoods

By Timothy Meinch  |  Des Moines Register Food trucks are here to stay and are expected to trickle into parks and neighborhoods beyond downtown, according to Des Moines...

Youngstown, OH: Food truck with New Orleans flavor comes to Youngstown

“It’s the kind of food that I enjoy eating, and I feel I’ve mastered it, and I think it’s pretty good,” said Franco of the southern flavor. “I’ve had great reviews from people, and there’s no other New Orleans food around here.”

Wellington, NZ: Food fight over Wellington trucks

A turf war is brewing in the Wellington suburb of Miramar as food-trucks take over, frustrating local cafe and restaurant owners.

Vancouver, CAN: Is Vancouver street food really “too expensive”?

A Vancouver food truck experience is more communal than dining in a restaurant,” points out Ng. “People mingle and have conversations while waiting in line to order and when waiting for their food. You’ll also feel the buzz of the city so much more because you’re on the streets, often interacting directly with the food truck operators. It’s a fun experience and great for those who enjoy an edgier experience!

Sydney, AUS: Pork’d to go mobile; owners offer mentorship to new Crown St tenants

The team behind Pork’d in Sydney’s Surry Hills has announced it’s leaving the Crown Street shop and hitting the road, converting the concept into a food truck in early 2016.