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Food Trucks Innovation Report

Food trucks' presence will be loud and lasting

Food Trucks Have Staying Power, Study Says

A new study has good news for mobile food vehicles, as 91 percent of consumers polled who are familiar with food trucks say they view the trend as having staying power and not a passing fad.

Buffalo, NY: City Lacks Permit Process for New Food Trucks

The mobile food truck industry is growing in Buffalo but owners say a lack of legislation is limiting their ability to serve.

Boulder, CO: Rules Allowing Food Trucks Move Forward

Looking to become more inviting to mobile food vendors, Boulder officials Tuesday night moved ahead the first reading of new rules that would allow food trucks to sell their goods in limited public places.

Evanston, IL – Food Truck Makes Its Debut

Pedestrians in downtown Evanston got their chance to sample the city’s newest dining option as the owners of the recently approved mobile food...