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Orlando, FL: Food Truck Permitting A Moving Target

"All new establishments are required to submit plans for review to ensure compliance with minimum sanitation and safety standards," she wrote. "In addition to approved water sources for all food service establishments, mobile units must provide proof of adequate wastewater tanks and disposal."

Food for the Road

Folks are lining up at mobile counters in cities across America to gobble down everything from gourmet fusion food to specialty cupcakes from chef-entrepreneurs.

High Tech Gourmet on the Go: The Food Truck Craze

By necessity POS workstations in food trucks must either be handheld mobile units or have a very small footprint.

Food Trucks Set to Roll Into the UK as Mobile Units Become The in...

Foodservice consultant Peter Backman said the trend could take off in the UK as the image of mobile catering starts to undergo a much-needed revamp.

Knoxville, TN: Brothers Ready to Roll with Petro’s Franchise

Petro's Chili and Chips may soon be coming to a parking lot near you.

3 Tips from Food Trucks

The newest generation of food trucks should serve as a blueprint to quick-serve marketers on how they can attract customers.

Food on the Go: Pushcart a Step Toward Upward Mobility

When Susan Paden, owner of Good Dog, wanted to expand her specialty hot-dog restaurant, she followed the crowd. Her increasing number of takeout orders persuaded her to add a roving cart called Good Dog Go.

Upscale Food Trucks and Carts Destined for NYC Parks

When you think gourmet lunch, a food cart in the park probably isn't the first thing that springs to mind, but the Parks Department is hoping to change that.