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Secondary Vendors for Mobile Food Operators are the Dirty Little Secret of Food Trucks...

The volume of food trucks and the daily grind to produce food for customers has pitfalls and shortcomings.

Can Money Be Made With a Food Truck? We’ll see…

The Minneapolis City Council calls them "mobile food vehicles," and 10 of them have been operating since last year in downtown Minneapolis on public sidewalks, parking lots and on private property.

LA: Breadbar Rolls Out Hatchi Truck Stop, Its Next Phase of Temporary Dining

Each food truck chef decamps from his/her mobile vehicle and, just like before, hops into the Breadbar kitchen to prepare eight courses priced at $8 each.

El Paso: Meal From a Moving Kitchen Hits the Spot

To all of you restaurateurs, I love your food. More specifically, I have a special place in my heart for food trucks.