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Columbia, SC: Taco Wars

In March 2010, with all the preparatory work done, Roberts’ permit came before City Council for approval. And that’s when he learned some major downtown interests were lined up against him.

DC Restaurant Owners: Food Trucks Hurt Local Businesses

Local restaurants are upset with the abundance of food trucks doing business in the area, saying the mobile eateries are taking away business from formal restaurants.

Can Street Vendors Help Revitalize Our Communities?

In the midst of the “great recession” and all the preaching about how small business is the heart of the American economy, why not expand our investment beyond traditional brick and mortar businesses?

Restaurant Owners Keep Food Truck Competitors On the Run

Illinois Restaurant Association President Sheila O’Grady even went so far as to suggest a possible compromise: confining rolling restaurants to “food deserts” and neighborhoods with a shortage of brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Monrovia, CA: Gourmet Food Trucks Banned from Old Town

The City Council passed amendments last week to Monrovia's mobile vendor ordinance that bar food trucks from operating in Old Town and residential areas.

Upper East Side Gets HOSTILE Toward FOOD TRUCKS (VIDEO)

The owner, Alberto Loera, says he was forced to move from his old spot along Lexington Avenue on the Upper East Side. “The police just was showing up everyday, everyday giving us summons, giving us tickets.