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Street Food: Urban Foraging

I am at the NRA show in Chicago right now and just presented on street food yesterday.

LA: Pie ‘N Burger Plans To Hit The Road

Squid Ink tells us Pie 'n Burger is setting up to launch its a vending vehicle of its own, with the debut most likely next week.

Brick and Mortars Shouldn’t Fret Food Trucks (WWOD)

“Man I tell you, this whole food truck thing’s got me pissed off. They’ll steal my business, park where ever they want, they don’t need a permit, don’t pay taxes and don’t get inspected by the health department! It isn’t fair!”

SF: Restaurant Owner Succeeds In Blocking JapaCurry Truck

Alison Rowe vowed to keep the JapaCurry truck from doing business on Second Street, promising to block his truck.