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Napa, CA: Mini market on wheels rolls into Napa

“So basically when it says ‘traditional,’ it’s food from Mexico City. The huaraches (are) from Mexico City.” On the traditional menu, “we don’t have burritos ‘cause burritos are a Mexican-American food,” Atayde said. “We’re trying to avoid that for now.”

Napa Valley, CA: Pastranomy Food Truck Adds Pork to Napa Menu, Drops Matzoh Ball...

Napa's newest food truck is back at its downtown Napa location Thursdays and Fridays, with a new partner and some unexpected menu additions — including a pulled pork sandwich.

Letter to the Editor: Food Trucks Satisfy Lunchtime Need in Napa

Cities around the nation have embraced food trucks

Napa, CA: City Working on Recipe for Approving Food Trucks

Customers were bringing their own alcohol to the event

Napa, CA: City Council Wants Tougher Food Truck Regulations

Krider expressed concern that trucks could become a blight on the city.

Food Trucks Go to College in Napa

About fifteen food trucks or carts are participating in the program, with food choices varying each day.

Local Food Trucks Added to Downtown Napa’s Weekly Chef’s Market

A new addition will be the Food Truck Stop, which will see several local food trucks setup shop on Randolph Street.

Local Firm Cooks Up Food Truck for Client

Mobile food marketing is just one of several new trends Creative Energy is pioneering.

Napa Wants To Keep On Truckin’ But Safety Is First

Food Truck Fridays is a victim of its own success. The city of Napa looked like it was playing fun police last week when announcing that the popular monthly event near Oxbow Public Market was being shut down until it could acquire the necessary use permits.

Sonoma Welcomes Food Truck Friday; Still No Word on Napa Event

"I know the issues with restaurants being worried about their business, but once a month doesn't hurt people - in my opinion," said James Ledwith.