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National News: Roaming Hunger Launches In-Office Food Truck Catering Nationwide

In-Office Food Truck Catering is perfect for team meetings, cold weather luncheons or small groups. It’s also the best solution for companies looking to get a tasty food truck to the office when there is no time to truly appreciate the food truck experience.

National News: Food Trucks FYI – Your Questions About Owning One Answered

“Operating a food truck is very much like operating a full restaurant, except you have to figure out a new location for the restaurant every single day and in some instances, multiple times per day,”

National News: Why Food Trucks Locate Where They Do

Five big takeaways from a unique new study.

National News: Two more food truck owners bringing their concepts to brick-and-mortar restaurants

Across Cincinnati, 2015 was the year of the food truck, and it looks 2016 will be the year many of those food truck owners open brick-and-mortar restaurants.

National News: A founder bromance fuels this crowdsourced street food app

Samoza is completely bootstrapped at the moment and is only a few months old, but the founders have crowdsourced a lot of the work on the app and have a monetization strategy in place. They plan on looking for funding soon.

National News: Why food trucks are a very tasty business prospect

Location is one of the most important factors to consider before starting a business, especially a restaurant.

National News : The year of the food truck

By Ed Eats  |  Times of Malta Another year of eating and writing has come and gone in a flash and, as is now customary,...

National News: Food Truck Fire Safety Hazards Remain a Concern

The popularity of food trucks over recent years hasn’t waned, likely due to their mobility and trendy menu items. As the food truck industry grows, so do the fire risks.

National News: Thoroughfare Food Truck Featured on ‘101 Best Food Trucks in America’ List

Thoroughfare is known for crowd pleasers like the tempura-fried “Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos,” meatloaf sandwich, served with toppings like homemade pimento cheese or carmelized onions, and “Disco Tots,” tater tots smothered in homemade cheddar gravy.

National News: Mobile credit reader for iOS devices brings Apple Pay to small retailers

The new tool means people could use Apple Pay instead of cash at their favorite food trucks.