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Columbus, OH: Best Food Cart/Truck of 2012 – That Food Truck

The Food Truck craze showed no signs of slowing in 2012. If anything, food trucks and food carts have become second nature to many Columbus locals, who find them at food pods, parked outside of popular bars, and at any number of summer festivals large and small.

Atlanta, GA: Police Raid ‘Food Truck Wednesday’ in Virginia Highland

“Our License and Permits Unit was responding to an anonymous complaint .”

Food Truck Insurance 101

Mobile food vendors are frowned upon by insurance companies

Street Food Ready for SoMa Debut

Compared to Off the Grid, SoMa StrEat Food Park is stationary and permanent

Sydney, AU: Meals On Wheels

Pop-up restaurants pick a site, fire the burners and trade for a month, a week, or even a single night.

Town Attorney: Ditch Witch Saved, Beach End RFPs Dumped

The East Hampton Town Board, inundated with emails and calls from residents who didn't want to see the food trucks thrown off town land, held a special meeting on Thursday afternoon to discuss the legitimacy of the RFPs.