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Atlanta Food Truck News

Multiple cable network shows have been filming our trucks around town

Mobile Foods Pioneer Presents Best Food Truck Award

California’s only network of vendors, venues and their fans

Wash, DC: Fed Up Federal Workers to Feast on Free Food

“The Facebook for Feds,” is hosting a “Free Food Trucks for Feds”

Are Food Trucks a Fad?

Food trucks and street food are a cultural shift for the United States

Point-Of-Sale for Food Trucks – The Bottom Line

Increasing the speed of order taking is where we see a little goes along way.

Miss Shirley’s competes for America’s Favorite Food Truck Award [video]

Miss Shirley’s Café will donate the $10,000 prize to the United Way

Tweets Gone Wild!

We rave about social media and herald it....

“The Great Food Truck Race” feeds Atlanta [video]

Food Network spent the weekend shooting a portion of its second season of "The Great Food Truck Race" in Atlanta.

SF: Puke & Privatization in Dolores Park

The vow by Chicken John Rinaldi to vomit in Dolores Park has gotten a lot of media attention.

The Gourmet Food Truck Movement

Technology is also reacing into the trucks too, with an app called FastPass, that makes ordering from a mobile phone easier, and brings a loyalty program to the rolling eateries.