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New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers Grease Trucks Turned Down as Vendors for Manasquan Beachfront

Gourmet food trucks offer everything from cupcakes and homemade ice cream to Asian fusion tacos. The trucks have exploded in popularity since Kogi Korean BBQ rolled out its trucks on the streets of Los Angeles five years ago.

New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers’ Own Food Truck Hits the Streets

The food truck trend at colleges and universities has followed the food truck trend nationwide. It’s taken off so quickly, and colleges are clamoring to jump into it because it’s a nice convenient way for them to serve students on campus

New Brunswick, NJ: On The Go – Gourmet Food Truck will Hit Rutgers Campus...

This is creative and something different. Students can go to the Douglass Café for a hamburger or they can go to the food truck and get a twisted gyro burger. There is nowhere else on campus students can get a sandwich like that.