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Las Vegas, NV: 50 Shades of Green Food Truck Joins the Healthy-Options Movement

I’m really craving some propylene glycol with a side of xanthan gum and a refreshing glass of sorbitol.

Las Vegas, NV: Register for Las Vegas Food Truck Parking Space Lottery

Food truck operators interested in having access to four parking spots in downtown Las Vegas on a rotating basis must register for a lottery by 5 p.m. Monday, Jan. 27.

Reno, NV: Food Truck Competition Heats Up

Local food trucks are facing off in a friendly, but fierce competition to win the taste buds of customers and raise money for the American Cancer Society on Saturday.

las Vegas, NV: Gourmet Food Truck Fest to Hit Las Vegas

Sunset Park’d, a gourmet food truck festival, will turn Las Vegas’ Sunset Park into an outdoor food court from noon to 9 p.m. Saturday.

Las Vegas, NV: Foodie Weekend

The Las Vegas Foodie Fest has been the biggest gathering of mobilized food in the area with more than 30 gourmet food trucks expected Oct. 18-20.

Las Vegas, NV: Foodie Fest Brings Food You’ve Been Missing to Las Vegas

The idea of hosting a food truck festival sparked from Galgana and his business partner Noel Casimiro’s love of food. They considers themselves “foodies,” people who have a refined interest in food and beverages.

Las Vegas, NV: Las Vegas Foodie Festival Features 40 Food Trucks

Las Vegas is at the center of the foodie universe this weekend. The Las Vegas Foodie Festival is back, bigger than ever.

Las Vegas, NV: Second Chance for White Castle at Las Vegas Foodie Fest

The popular burger joint says that will be bringing triple the number of grills and triple the staff. They will also debut their new Crave Mobile for foodies interested in purchasing 10 burgers or less.

Reno, NV: Meet Your Merchant – Tahoe Food Truck Offers Vegan Cuisine

Electric Blue Elephant has been participating in Reno Street Food on Fridays throughout the summer. The crew serves apple torts, bruscetta, Caesar salad and sandwiches with their own twist.

Las Vegas, NV: Food Tuck Lottery Provides Smorgasbord of Dining Options

The lottery is a pilot program that will be re-evaluated after six months, said city spokesman Jace Radke. The food-truck owners who participated in it were eligible for one of three spaces in downtown Las Vegas: near City Hall, 1 Lewis Ave.; in front of the Bonneville Transportation Center, 100 E. Bonneville Ave.; and in front of the Regional Justice Center, 400 S. Third St.