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Houston, TX: Debate Over Rule Changes Attracts Bun B, Restaurant Defenders & Strange Logic

Does the presence of food trucks hurt or help brick and mortar restaurants?

Chase & LivingSocial Launch “Mission: Small Business” Grant Program

Awards Up to $3 Million to Small Businesses Nationwide

Augusta, GA: Couple Plans to Introduce Food Truck

Our five year plan is to have six or eight of these trucks on the road

Food Truck Operators Call D.C.’s Parking-Meter Crackdown Unfair

Public Works has been cracking down on food trucks

No More Tacos: UTSA Food Truck Owner Cuffed

Police initially cited owner Marty Davis

Cincinnati: 3CDC Clarifies Stance on Square Food Vendors

"We are not ending food service on the square," Munitz said.

D.C. Lottery Truck Gets Cleared to Roll

The 26-foot-long Lucky Lottery Mobile was at the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station on Thursday

New Haven Food Truck Summer Program Praised on First Lady Michelle Obama’s Fan Page

The New Haven healthy food truck doesn’t need to toot its own horn this week; first lady Michelle Obama is taking care of that job.

Raleigh, NC: Food Truck Decision at a Standstill

A new ordinance regulating food trucks is at a standstill after Raleigh City Council’s Law and Public Safety Committee decided Tuesday that more research is necessary...

St. Louis, MO: Local Government Strikes Down Yet Another Tasty Innovation

A health inspector confronted The Sweet Divine cupcake truck on Tuesday, and a police officer issued a warning to the Cha Cha Chow truck on Wednesday