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Pittsfield, MA: Pittsfield Releases Draft Food Truck Ordinance

The draft ordinance identifies specific locations downtown where mobile food vendors can operate and the city is looking to charge vendors a monthly fee of $35 per parking space used.

Food Truck Operators Call D.C.’s Parking-Meter Crackdown Unfair

Public Works has been cracking down on food trucks

Charleston: Strada Cucina Pulls Up to the Y and Teaches Entrepreneurialism

Creating a new pilot program that would teach women how to be entrepreneurs.

Should Street Food Come To Kirkland, WA?

Seattle has become quite well-known for its delicious street food culture, and one can find street food trucks sporadically on the Eastside.

San Fran: More JapaCurry Parking Space Drama Today

Today's Wednesday, the day JapaCurry has a permit to park on Mission at New Montgomery.

SF: Restaurant Owner Succeeds In Blocking JapaCurry Truck

Alison Rowe vowed to keep the JapaCurry truck from doing business on Second Street, promising to block his truck.

Ice Cream Truck Ordered Out of Marina Green; Bureaucratic Screw-Up Blamed

Even when a legal street food vendor scores a success in this town, things can turn unexpectedly janky. That's the lesson the owners of the Twirl and Dip ice cream truck learned this weekend, after the city turned them out of a Marina Green spot they leased last month, the result, apparently, of a bureaucratic fail.