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NYC: City Should Boot ‘Ugly’ Food Carts in Midtown, Business Group Says

The 34th Street Partnership wants the city to crack down on vendors

Little Rock, AR: Food Truck Festival Aims to “Sweeten” Main Street

Vendors at the Main Street Food Festival hope to sprinkle energy back into the area.

Orlando: Oviedo Mall Has New Food-Truck Partnership

Oviedo Mall has partnered with Food Truck Crazy for future food truck events

Though the Streets are Bad for Food Trucks, They Are Good for Food Trucks...

It's been yet another... interesting week for food trucks.

Rutland, VT: Food Truck Gets Green Light

Economic Development Committee said Mark Foley can have one food truck on the lot

Food Trucks Have Steered their Own Course in Denver this Summer – Without

The Justice League of Street Food will throw another bash on Saturday, August 13

Denver, CO: Gourmet Food Trucks are Again on a Roll!

The action got so heated last year that a Denver City Council committee held a hearing to consider the city's regulations regarding trucks.

Little Rock: Mobile Food Fest Coming to Main Street

The Mobile Food Festival is coming to Main Street Little Rock from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. October 1. The Downtown Partnership is blocking off a portion of the street, likely between 3rd and 7th, according to DLRP's Sharon Priest.

Food Trucks: Still Not Welcome in Prince Georges County

This morning, at the conference of the International Council of Shopping Centers, as suprising questions was posed: Does your jurisdiction support food trucks?

Denver: You Can’t Use Laws to Regulate What People Like

Mobile food vendors, restaurant owners, downtown businesses, city agencies and neighborhood groups -- will have a preliminary discussion of the role of food trucks in Denver, and whether regulations that govern their operations should change.