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New York, NY: Wing ‘n It Food Truck Has as Pretty Hefty Chicken Sandwich

More than a patty’s worth of pulled chicken overflows from a toasted hamburger bun, and the chicken is GENEROUSLY smothered in a thick, peanut sauce and sprinkled with a healthy dose of chili flakes. Yes, you will be needing all of the napkins and the towelette that they throw in the bag because this sandwich is MESSY.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Spicy Peanut & Miso Glazed Wings from Wing’n...

The peanut flavor was certainly there, but it was not overpowering. The chocolate peanut cheese donut we had yesterday at the Cinnamon Snail had a much stronger peanut flavor.

Philadelphia, PA: Schmear It – A Bagel Truck with A Conscience

e starts with bagels from South Street Philly Bagels in Queen Village and offers build-your-own sandwiches based on a spread such as cream cheese, peanut butter, a vegan tofu and nut spread, tuna salad, or egg salad.

Allentown, PA: Get Your Sugar Fix at Allentown and Emmaus Cupcake Trucks

Her most popular cupcake is Banana Fluffernutter, which won an award at ArtsQuest's Cupcake Bowl. She make more than 20 varieties and often comes up with new flavors for special events. For Cinco de Mayo, she created chocolate chipotle and mango jalapeno cupcakes. Other popular flavors are lemon berry, strawberries and cream, vanilla bean and chocolate peanut butter.

San Francisco, CA: Pacific Puffs – The Sweet Side of Food Trucks

The crackling chocolate coating on top had just the right amount of give without shattering, and concentrated chocolate flavor that contrasted with the fluffy peanut butter filling. The cream stuffing was simultaneously velvety, gooey, and just peanut-buttery enough, without that eating-straight-from-the-jar intensity.

Toronto, CAN: New ’50s-Themed Food Truck Crossroads Diner Hits Toronto Streets

The newest roving restaurant is Crossroads Diner, a truck serving kitschy diner food, like a cheeseburger homage to Pulp Fiction, chicken Caesear salads and an Elvis-inspired peanut butter and banana sandwich with bacon.

New York, NY: Street Eats – The Elvis from Munchie Mobile

We expected bacon to be one of the main flavors, but it was not as strong as you would think. It did add saltiness to the sandwich, which along with the honey, gave The Elvis that sweet and salty dichotomy we so enjoy.

Phoenix, AZ: Food Truck Bucket List – Short Leash Hot Dogs with Cracker Jacks

Short Leash Hot Dogs serves a hot dog called the Bear (or 7th Inning Stretch) that has peanut butter, Cracker Jacks, smoked Gouda, bacon and BBQ sauce. I think that’s either ridiculously amazing, or completely disgusting. But I’m dying to find out!

Lafayette, IN: Need food now? Emergency Munchie Truck Rolls into Town to Answer Call...

The Emergency Munchie Truck opened Nov. 24, and it is giving the local scene a taste of the national food truck craze.

Buffalo, NY: Crowding in for a Taste

"Are you sure they're sanitary?" he asked.