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Wilkes-Barre, PA: The Other on Wheels

These wandering wagons are quickly becoming a fixture in Northeastern Pennsylvania neighborhoods.


“Food trucks like this go over well with people because of the service, I think,” he said. “One of my favorite parts about doing this is meeting the people and talking to them.”


Notis Vavlas, the Greek proprietor of Notis the Gyro King food truck, will serve you with a smile, and sometimes a song.

NYC: Thanks to the Police, the Treats Truck Has Left Midtown “For the Time...

The police have let us know that they no longer want food trucks in the midtown area.

5 Questions with a Foodie: Patrick Harris of Boka Truck

I appreciate innovative cooking methods and risk taking and think that the best dish you will ever taste is only a plate away.

Pittsburgh, PA: A Good Day For a Food Truck Stop

The food truck movement, which has grown so fast in other cities that the original guys are seething over the band wagon effect, is still in training pants here.

The Case for More Food Trucks in Pittsburgh

But prices can be misleading, because the high quality fare offered through trucks has established four-wheeled vendors as legitimate destinations for inventive, gourmet cuisine.

Harrisburg, PA: Mobile Food Vendors Have Eateries Steamed on Restaurant Row

Some Second Street restaurant owners say they want hot dog carts and other mobile food vendors off their turf.

FOOD TRUCKIN’: Street Meat for the Hungry and Impatient

Now, largely due to social networking, new truck design and a sophisticated demand for certain ethnic dishes, food trucks are in, in a big way.

Richmond, VA: Barbecue Battle is a Friendly Affair

That was a good thing in Chester on Thursday night, where the Rotary Club was hosting its 22nd annual "Grillin' on the Green" fundraiser.