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Food Truck City: Where to Find Eats on the Go in Utah

The food-truck boom is driven, largely, by economics.

St. Paul’s Newest Food Truck is Making the Most of Mac & Cheese

Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places.

Columbus, OH: Food Trucks Going Green [video]

The food truck craze is taking over Columbus.

NYC: Free Food Alert – Dunkin’ Donuts Joins The Food Truck Fray

Dunkin' Donuts, already nearly inescapable in our fair city, has gone and joined the food truck game.

Food Trucks May Get a Break in Raleigh

When Raleigh leaders gather Tuesday to debate easing the city's food truck restrictions, Mike Stenke would like to give them something to snack on.

Edwardsville, IL: Pi Pizza Truck Hits Bureaucratic Bump

Last Wednesday, January 19, Restaurant Pi's popular pizza truck toddled over the state line to Illinois to peddle pies in Edwardsville.

Mobile Pizza Kitchen Feeds More Than 500 in Knoxville

The Little Caesars Love Kitchen motors across the United States and Canada, meeting the needs of the homeless and the hungry.