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Buffalo, NY: Food Truck Tuesday’s At Larkin Square Return In May!

Food Truck Tuesday is a phenomenon that is in major metropolitan cities such as Phoenix, Austin, and San Diego.

Fairfield, CT: Taco Loco Brings Its Food To Fairfield, In A Truck

Food trucks are not a new phenomenon, but operator of the Taco Loco truck Andrew Mercado wants to help cultivate the culture in Fairfield.

Indianapolis, IN: Top Ten Food Truck Tastes

The food truck phenomenon has taken Indy by storm. Here's our top ten tastes to quench every craving.

Porter County, IN: Food Truck Trend Rolls Into Porter County

The food truck phenomenon has allowed creative cuisine to flourish in cities across the U.S. without some of the costs associated with running a restaurant. They’re most often found in big cities, but Northwest Indiana features some notable entries, particularly in Porter County

St. Augustine, FL: ‘Food Truck Phenomenon’ Comes to St. Augustine

More than 40 food trucks gathered in Francis Field to serve up lobster rolls, shaved ice, Thai food, burgers and other creations. People wandered through the rows of food trucks amid the heat as a band played on a stage nearby.

National News: 4 Cities with Amazing Food Truck Scenes

By now, food trucks are a mainstream phenomenon, one igniting cravings countrywide. Offering a tasty reason for a themed vacation, some cities take portable vittles to new heights.

Worcester, MA: Food Truck Festival

A new generation of highend, gourmet food trucks is on the road

SF, CA: The Founding Myth of a Master Pizzaiolo’s Food Truck

Freightliner M2 106 truck, a 20-foot shipping container and two-and-a-half-ton Neapolitan brick oven

“Off The Rez” Brings Native American Food to Seattle

"It's great late night food," McConnell said.

Comment of the Day: Food Trucks Are All Hype

I think the food truck phenomenon is mostly just empty hype