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Sacramento, CA: Chando’s iPhone App – Mexican Street Food Meets High-Tech

When you place the order via the app (or through Faceback if you like Chando's fan page), it rings like an old-fashioned phone at the restaurant, where a small display screen lists the order. After we placed our order, we received a message on our phone telling us the time the order would be ready

National News: Airports Using Food Trucks To Satisfy Customers

Airport dining just got a whole lot better! Several airports have brought in food trucks for a couple of different purposes, and it seems to be catching on.

Tampa, Fl: Latest Airport Food Trend? Trucks

Tampa International has the most robust offering. The program started in mid-November as a way to service the throngs of people waiting in the cell phone parking lot to pick up loved ones during the busy holiday travel season. The 30-day trial was such a success that the airport has extended the program through August, with a new food truck every day.

Tampa, FL: TIA Sweetens the Deal, Invites Food Trucks to Waiting Lot

We are always trying to come up with new ways to improve the customer experience at Tampa International Airport

Tampa, FL: Food Trucks Added at Tampa Airport Cell Phone Waiting Lot

Travelers need to be aware that starting Thursday, parking indefinitely at the arrival areas is not allowe

Inside Vancouver’s Food Truck Business

Anyone who tells you they’re making money in this weather is full of shit,” Jason Apple

Brooklyn, NY: Jason Wang Talks New Restaurant Biang!, Lamb Eyeballs & a Xi’An Famous...

We've been looking into working with someone else on food trucks

Peoria Tells Food Trucks to Hit the Road

Peoria Mayor & City Council vote down food trucks

Peoria, IL: Council Votes DOWN Food Trucks

"I firmly do not think this will create new people spending money to eat out in Peoria," Ardis said

Food Truck Permit Black Market

There are only 3,000 citywide